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Anyang engineering grain & Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Anyang hi tech Zone, Henan province. It is close to Beijing Hongkong and Macao high speed and 107 National Road. It is a high-tech enterprise designed and manufactured by grain and oil machinery equipment. Relying on a number of universities, grain institutions, oil research institutes for technical support, the company has 60 employees, the establishment of a cross-border electricity supplier sales department, the project department, of which 8 R & D personnel, engineers 5 people. The company has advanced machinery manufacturing equipment, is a collection of research, development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of professional machinery manufacturers.

Has the construction of the Hebei Meilin multidimensional Oil Trading Co. Ltd. Nissan 150 tons of peanut oil refining project, Hebei province jade plant oil Co., grape seed oil production base. Chongqing nine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. wild pecan production line. Dezhou Career Technical College vegetable oil refining teaching complete set of equipment. Nuclear oil production line of Shandong earth shell Food Co. Ltd., Gansu Huachi Kang abundant agricultrual products processing limited liability company Nissan 30 tons of sesame oil Hu project, Panshi City Northeast chunghop Food Co. Ltd. Luzhou soybean oil project, Xichang golden hill grain Grain Food Co. Ltd of rapeseed oil nuclear head production line. Urat banner Haiwang Edible Oil Co. Ltd. fragrant sesame oil production line, Xinjiang cottonseed oil refining project and a number of production lines. The equipment sells well in 26 provinces and cities, and exports to Indonesia, Kazakhstan and other countries.



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