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Oil futures pulled the whole, led by strong soybean oil

Time:2013-06-25 Click:976

  Domestic oil Monday, opening to go, Y1209 contract closed 9332 yuan / ton, up 104 yuan / ton, Masukura 41538 hand positions 538,400 hands. P1209 contract closed at 8270 yuan / ton, up 76 yuan / ton, Masukura 1288 hand positions to 154,436 hands. RO1209 contract closed at 9770 yuan / ton, up 76 yuan, Masukura 1442 hand positions for the 48,518 hands.
CBOT soybean futures March contract fell 0.01 cents to 52.53 cents a pound. Greece to accept bailout negotiations difficulties and rising dollar makes beans under pressure, the market for South American soybean drought fears push late admission money to restore most of the decline. Domestic soybean oil rose 20-50 yuan, the price is concentrated in the 8660-9800 yuan / ton. Stock market rally weaker than the futures market, after all, the current lack of substantive bullish fundamentals, demand is relatively light, the market is still looking outside the disk of the "face" oriented.
BMD CPO futures market rose on Monday in thin trade, tracking CBOT soybean futures rally late CPO futures prices rise further or will be limited, due to the slowdown in demand and the major ports in Malaysia palm oil stocks to increase. Domestic palm oil rose 50 yuan, the price is concentrated in the 7650-8100 yuan / ton. The spot market, driven by the futures market rose slightly, but demand dismal traders price increases is limited, market confidence has not been restored, high inventory remains low demand and create greater pressure.
Local domestic vegetable oil rose 200 yuan, the price is concentrated in the 9800-10400 yuan / ton. Rapeseed recent performance stable and downstream products, the majority of processing rapeseed oil plant is not on the market buying and selling two short. Yunnan region boosted by the external market prices rebound to the good, but the terminal turnover in the doldrums curb price gains.
Overall, the domestic oil consumption gradually slowed, external factors such as weather and macro levels will be a major factor influencing the market. Profitable in the country and the lack of substantive uncertainty in the context of a strong, market confidence is still being tested. Oil prices have yet to get rid of the current shock interval, keeping Buying ideas.



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