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Dining table

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  "Table" and waste oil biodiesel companies scramble phenomenon remains unchanged. Last July, the Ministry unified deployment, the fight against illegal cooking oil, edible oil processing criminal activities. Although at the time the waste oil market confusion been initially improved, but recently, the reporter once again returning to the original waste oil as biodiesel companies are finding that the acquisition of these companies is still limited quantity of waste oil, waning ten million or even been in some shutdown state.
Stop loss continues
Waste oil remediation in nearly three months later, reporters last September had interviewed two to waste oil as raw material for biodiesel company - Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in the device (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai plummet") and Yunnan Ying Ding Bio Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yunnan Ying Ding"). The two companies are currently in the field of bio-diesel has achieved large-scale production enterprises, but also in their respective provinces with kitchen waste handling qualified enterprises, but its current business situation is still not reversed. The main reason is waste oil acquisition difficulties, lack of raw materials led to idle capacity.
"It is still a loss, the monthly loss of more than ten million." Technical Engineer Yang Jianbin, Shanghai, told reporters that the first half of last year was the worst operating conditions, the company employees 70 people gradually from the initial cut to 30 people. Late last year, the public security department of the waste oil remediation, although the waste oil prices declined, but no greater improvement in operating conditions, employees, or about 30 people.
Meanwhile, Yunnan Ying Ding relevant responsible person said that from the beginning of August last year, has been discontinued, has yet to resume production. "Warehouse sell biodiesel, waste oil and non-collection, can only be discontinued." The official said helplessly.
Crux is black chain
According to Zhuo record information analyst Liu Mengkai introduced last year, cooking oil prices fall only lasted for a very short time. "From about the beginning of November last year, the price of cooking oil rose gradually, more moderate magnitude, but the experience of several months of continuous rise, now north, east and south China waste oil prices have to 4800-5000 yuan / ton, the Northeast and Southwest prices slightly lower, but not much difference. "Yunnan Ying Ding responsible person, cooking oil price of 3,000 yuan per ton, while companies will have profit margins.
In this regard, Liu Mengkai said that although the recent Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "punish" waste oil "criminal activities," but because the interests of the game, still the command line can be banned. Thus, waste oil black chain interests of the game is still difficult biodiesel main corporate acquisitions.
According to an industry source, CNOOC has been carried out in Hainan pilot bio-diesel vehicle, but the effect is not ideal. "In Hainan, the device is 60,000 tons, had approved the 20 gas stations, but can only operate 4-5 gas stations, mixed increased from 5% to 2% -3%, the main reason lack of raw materials, production is limited. "
Strengthen supervision and in order to win
Not reduce the purchase price at the time the waste oil, biodiesel companies can only hope to acquire a higher price increase volume and strict government controls in deficits.
"Waste oil prices is unlikely to change the biodiesel business loss position, because if the price is low, external provinces will come to Shanghai buying cooking oil, food and beverage companies are reluctant to sell to us, so only in order to win and hope By increasing the amount of acquisitions to achieve balance. "Yang Jianbin told reporters," We are now able to receive every month around 1,200 tons of waste oil, but in order to achieve a balanced budget must acquire 2,000 tons a month before they can. "
Yunnan Ying Ding then hope the Government will implement the "Yunnan waste oil biodiesel work guidance." "Policy has received the approval of relevant government departments in Yunnan Province, the terms will be implemented this month, but up to now there is no news if the policy introduced this month, we'll start production before the end." Yunnan Ying Ding relevant responsible person said.
According to the person in charge, in the guidance, the Yunnan provincial waste oil will be closed, oriented, unified supervision, waste oil can no longer out of the province. "At present, Kunming waste oil can acquire qualified enterprises granted by the environmental protection department, if the new policies, and dig a franchise can only be shipped qualified biodiesel venture by biodiesel enterprise unified management, but the current Kunming persists waste oil outflows hope policy as soon as possible, completely cut off waste oil black chain. "
Liu Mengkai also said that relying on bio-diesel enterprise independent acquisition, competitiveness is insufficient, moreover, issued by the government financial subsidies is more difficult to achieve, and now only through relatively straightforward administrative means to resolve the difficulties of the biodiesel business.



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