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Rapeseed prices vulnerable to run vegetable oil prices continue to rebound

Time:2017-09-29 Click:1199

Outer plate movements: Monday, ICE Canada's Winnipeg commodity exchange canola futures rose。 At the close of July, rapeseed rose about $3。2, to close at 477。40 yuan / ton; November period rose 3 dollars, to close at 464。40 yuan / ton; January period rose 2。7 dollars, to close at 467。80 yuan / ton。

Domestic trend: Tuesday domestic rapeseed class mixed, as of the close, rapeseed 1409 contract Dikaigaozou, closed at 4982 yuan / ton, up 35 yuan / ton, magnitude 0。71%; rapeseed meal 1409 contract weak run, to close at 3023 yuan / ton, down 45 yuan / ton, the magnitude of 1。47%; the main 1501 extension of rapeseed oil continued to rebound, to close at 7092 yuan / ton, up 54 yuan / ton, the magnitude of 0。77。

News: 1, Canadian oilseed Processors Association (COPA) released Friday weekly press data show that as of June 18th week, the Canadian rapeseed crushing capacity of 112195 tons, 114572 tons compared to the previous week by 2.1%. Canada's total rapeseed crush was 6018741 tonnes so far in 2013/14, compared with 6002413 tonnes in the same period last year.

Spot, according to Chinese oil network data, the main producing areas of domestic rapeseed oil refinery purchase price between 5000-5200 yuan / ton, the purchase price remained stable, the acquisition is not, in some areas of rapeseed basic goods, manufacturers will have to wait until next year to suspend the acquisition, again pressed rapeseed; domestic distribution meal prices in 3000-3050 yuan / ton range. The market is stable, not available in some areas; distribution of four vegetable oil factory price 8100 yuan / ton, prices remain stable, rarely take the goods.

Summary: rapeseed varieties vary. Technically, rapeseed contracts traded sluggish 1409, we do not recommend investors to trade; rapeseed meal 1409 contract weak run, but below 3000 yuan / ton strong support, the operation of the proposed the establishment of more than a single, in the vicinity of 3000 stop 2970; 1501 rapeseed oil continues to rebound, is expected after the city is still strong, the operation of the proposed to date in short.



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