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Walnut oil

Time:2017-09-29 Click:1180

65%~70%, the home has woody oil first, there is "tree oil depot" reputation. Using modern technology to extract its essence, this is the new generation of walnut products - Walnut oil. Walnut oil is a kind of natural fruit juice made from high quality walnut and made by international leading technology. In the international market, walnut oil has been praised as "Oriental olive oil", and it has been favored by consumers as well as olive oil.

Fresh, pure, nutritious and light in taste, fatty acid configuration similar to breast milk, easy to digest and absorb, is a child development period, women's pregnancy and postpartum rehabilitation of high health edible oil. The nutrient content of the product: unsaturated fatty acid content is higher than 92%, linoleic acid and linolenic acid Omega -6 = 56% Omega -3 = 14%, VA, VD and other rich natural nutrients. The acidity is less than 0.5, light taste and no smell, pure taste, especially suitable for baby's delicate stomach.

According to the analysis, the fat content per 100 grams of walnut kernel is 63~76 grams. The main components of its fat are linoleic acid glyceride, linolenic acid and oleic acid glyceride, which are essential fatty acids for the human body. Walnut oil is made from walnut oil, refined and refined. Its color is yellow or brownish yellow. It is an ideal high quality cooking oil in daily life. Walnut oil is an edible oil, walnut oil was up to 65~70%, every 100kg shell 25~30 kg oil seed of Juglans regia.



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