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The revision of GB series of walnut oil, walnut oil and iron.

Time:2017-09-29 Click:1170

In July 30th, by the National Standardization Technical Committee and the technical committee organized by the oil and grease, Chongqing, Chengkou County of Chongqing Municipal People's government, the nine Shan Industrial Co. Ltd. hosted the revision of the standard series of walnut oil and walnut industry development seminar "held in Chengkou County of Chongqing city. The revision involves 3 related standards of walnut oil, the walnut oil, "" for the revision of the national standard, "oil", "walnut walnut cake" for the first time the formulation of national industry standards, 3 standards will be released in the second half of 2017, 2018.

The National Standardization Technical Committee of grain and oil oil and grease Technical Committee, director of Wuhan light industry university professor He Dongping said, "the revision of national standard" series of walnut oil is necessary for it to ensure the quality of all walnut oil products, producers, operators and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, regulate import and export trade has important significance.

Chinese cereals and Oils Association branch president Wang Ruiyuan said that China is the world's largest producer of walnut walnut, 2014 production reached 2 million 713 thousand tons, is expected in 2015 China's walnut production has more than 3 million tons, the development momentum is very good. But the walnut oil series national standards can not keep up with the development of walnut industry, so we must speed up the pace.

Chinese woody oil expert Feng Jifu said that China's growing healthy life and consumption concept will promote the development of China's Walnut industry。 Walnut oil consumption as a new favorite, the future will become an important supplement to protect national oil safety and protection。 However, although the walnut industry in China has made great progress, but the industrial system is not perfect, there are still many problems in the process of industrial development, such as walnut processing technology is lagging behind, postpartum promotion is not enough, lack of brand awareness, lack of leading enterprises。

Chengkou County Committee Ran Qizhi introduction, walnut planting industry is an important city to create a national brand of organic agricultural products base county。 At present, the county completed a comprehensive investigation of the genetic resources of walnut resource database is established successfully, the natural wild walnut forest more than 50 thousand acres of walnut planting area of more than 200 thousand acres, the annual output can reach 4000 tons, the output value exceeded 80 million yuan。 The walnut, nine hill brand of wild walnut oil were successfully declared national geographical indication and national ecological origin protection products。

The grain and oil market news reporter was informed that the iron walnut also known as walnut, wild walnut, walnut production accounted for 40% of the total production, based on this, the revision of the standard series of walnut oil will be incorporated into the iron walnut oil and its characteristic index and quality index.

Yunnan province grain and Oil Science Research Institute senior engineer Li Linkai said that with the rapid development of walnut oil industry, the current "walnut oil" standards in the implementation process, characteristic index set cannot completely cover all market sales of walnut oil, especially in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, Liaoning and other places of the iron walnut oil, there are differences some of its features and indexes of walnut oil.



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