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  Anyang Engineering Oil Machinery Co。, Ltd。 is located in Anyang City, Henan Province, the national high-tech park。 Is a professional engaged in grain and oil machinery and equipment sales consulting, design and manufacture, installation, service integration company。 I rely on domestic universities grain grease hospital research institutes for technical support, with a number of oil technology, machinery, automation design and other professional senior experts and professors and excellent installation and commissioning of engineering and technical personnel。

  Over the years, oil equipment across the country widely praised by users; My company in continuous physical refining equipment on the basis of the original, but also developed the most advanced high acid value oil physical refining equipment, oil, low loss, high product recovery higher new technological processes, by domestic and foreign manufacturers around the praise. Fully meet the medium and small oil refinery refining equipment at different levels of the physical needs of the customer brought considerable economic benefits, are highly appreciated and trust.

  The Company is committed to creating excellent harmonious team, for customers to create superior value for money services, provide users with excellent technical equipment and perfect after-sales service。

  Company based on domestic, for the majority of small and medium sized oil processing enterprises to provide quality and efficient special services. Stability in the domestic market, and actively explore the international market, has undertaken Indonesia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and many other international projects. In addition, to meet the market demand, increased biodiesel processing technology development, the construction of a bio-diesel project in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, has developed a new process of diesel oil off the tone, the construction of the Shandong Binzhou, Zibo, Dongying, Hebei Shexian and other home bleaching diesel production line. Years to complete a conventional oil refinery, oil processing and other specialty hundreds of turnkey projects.



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